About Sakura Noodle

Over 30 years ago, we were the first family to bring udon noodles to Los Angeles, and our family-owned noodle manufacturing company has specialized in making fresh, delicious noodles ever since.

In Japan, our family studied how to make the best tasting noodles, and we have honored this tradition ever since. Our noodles are packed by hand, have a very long shelf life, and many do not need to be refrigerated. Our goal is to keep providing our customers with our great-tasting noodles that are easy to prepare.

 We have many different varieties of noodles including: Ramen, Yakisoba, Chow Mein, Chow Fun…and many more!

Please contact us during our business hours for more information, or email us anytime at: sakuranoodleinc@gmail.com.